Because heart health matters…

Ergotron CMO Jane Payfer is getting her Heart Walk spirit on in preparation for the MN American Heart Association Heart Walk May 19 at Target Field, home of the Minnesota Twins.

Over 90 Ergotron employees and their families will be hitting the field to support healthier hearts, many citing how cardiovascular disease and stroke has impacted their family and friends.

Ergotron’s commitment to healthier lives extends to supporting health organizations like the American Heart Association to help better understand the true impact just “standing more” has on a person’s current and long-term health.

Introducing healthy movement back into the work routine of an at risk person’s day is one way to ease them into a healthier, active lifestyle. Click here to learn more about Ergotron’s sponsorship of the American Heart Association.

Ergotron will have a booth in the Blue Concourse at Target Field. Stop by to learn more about how standing more throughout your day helps to increase metabolism, blood flow, even caloric burn. We will have some WorkFit units for you to demo, and you can put your name in to win one yourself!

Not heading out for the event? Follow Ergotron (@ergotron) and all the Twin Cities walkers on Twitter with #TCHeartwalk. You can also catch FOX9 News reporter Todd Walker reporting live from the Ergotron booth at 8:30 AM. Or, see the pictures on Ergotron’s Facebook page during and after the event. 

And if you see a yellow sticker like the one on Jane’s back above? Don’t hesitate to stop and ask what it is all about. Your life, and your loved ones life, may be better for it! 


4 thoughts on “Because heart health matters…

  1. Michelle Judd

    That’s really true! We’ve heard comments about privacy from people adjusting to sit-stand computing in cubeland too. Getting used to being above the cube wall can be disconcerting at first. The primary thing is for people to move more at work! Exercising in your cube is a good first step. 😉 Great to learn about your product. Helping companies adjust to a changing cube environment is a good thing.

  2. Jesse Moore

    I wrote a post recently about how Height Adjustable Desks: A Must-Have For Slipped Disc Patients. Height adjustable office furniture is a must in the workplace to help employees avoid and manage back problems. Height-adjustable standing desks are a good way to maintain blood circulation throughout the body and avoid back problems that arise from sitting all day. These desks might help people feel a little more comfortable doing exercises at their desk:


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