Hockey and Motorcycles- A Marriage Made in Heaven

OK, I realize this topic is not really about Ergonomics.  But it is a solution to a problem that I have had for years.   In Minnesota, when we get a nice day, us motorcycle riders like to ride!  But in my case,  twice weekly ice hockey games have prevented me from riding every Tues and Thurs.  Today, I have a solution: 

Pete with VRod loaded with hockey equip

The solution was offered by my friend Lee Northouse:


1) Wrap blades of 2 sticks in a rag, and stick between the saddle bag and the seat.  Cross the shafts, bungee at the cross, and tie back to the luggage rack.

2) Bungee bag across the back.

I hope this solves a problem for some of you!

3 thoughts on “Hockey and Motorcycles- A Marriage Made in Heaven

  1. Chris Parker

    Don’t forget to put one of those little red flags off the end of the hockey sticks…

  2. Heather R.

    A couple of things:

    1. Fresh air is the best air freshener!
    2. Can the hockey helmet double as the motorcycle helmet?

    Nice ride!

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