Fitness expert finds motivation by standing


Motivated by the health improvements she experienced from a little change like STANDING more each day and nationally-renowned fitness expert, Chris Freytag, went on air telling viewers to Stand Up for Your Health.

“Standing just a little more each day burns calories, tones muscles, improves blood flow and so much more” suggests Chris—and there’s a ton of research out there that supports this.

A nationally-renowned health and fitness expert with a column in Prevention Magazine and a successful line of wellness products on QVC, Chris Freytag was a natural ‘fit’ in our effort to recruit people to join us in our cause—educate people on the benefits of standing and using in support of healthier, more active workstyles.

Fortunate for us, she’s also local—with a weekly segment on Kare11 Sunrise News called Motivation Mondays with Chris Freytag (6:20am CST).

So we reached out to her, introducing her to and our family of WorkFit products, each which supports the health benefits of a sit-stand work routine. Her passion for finding little ways to promote healthier workstyles proved strong enough to be a participant in her own little trial.  As a matter of fact, we were all interested in seeing what kinds of improvements the Ergotron WorkFit-C might have on someone who’s clearly already physically fit.

After six-weeks or so of using it, she LOVED it and experienced such dramatic improvements that  it compelled her to take her experience on air and educate viewers to Stand Up for Your Health. Click image to see video:

It’s no question: Chris has joined us in our JustStand cause—a true believer in the benefits of a sit-stand work routine. She didn’t expect the health improvements that a small change like standing would produce. Now having the choice, she is more motivated than ever to stand when she can. She’s also written about it on, “Sitting Around Could Actually Be Killing You – So Stand Up!”

If you want results like Chris has seen, develop your own sit-stand routine. Get motivated.  Just Stand. Your health will thank you for it.

Wendy McCubbin
Global Training Manager @ Ergotron

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