MEDICA beginnt

Nancy Gregson, Sr. Channel Manager @ Ergotron

MEDICA -show day 007Day 1 of the 4-day MEDICA event began this morning.  Norbert, one of our German Account Managers, joined me at the booth to beautify the carts for the show’s start at 10am.  After polishing the Ergotron presence in the booth, I left Norbert to walk the show and see what MEDICA had to offer. 

Looking for carts and competitors, I saw a mattress warming cart.  Strange, but unique. Almost as strange as the mobile toilet.  I guess you can put anything on a cart.  There was an abundance of surgical instruments but nothing really differentiating them. I was spotted by the Man & Machine folks and we discussed upcoming shows and partnerships.  

Stopping by one competitor, I was asked where I work. “Ergotron,” I said.

I was asked,“Are you scared? You should be.” 

I laughed, “Nope, not at all.  Thanks for the brochure,” and I was on my way.  Another competitor did not have any literature out in their booth.  When I asked, I was told that I have to give them a card to get literature.  I handed my card and was told to leave.  I know who’s scared!
MEDICA -show day 010Our Ergotron and Dell booth was busy throughout the afternoon. I didn’t take this picture fast enough. Moments before these two gentlement were hugging the StyleView® cart. 

The show goes on the next few days but my travels take me on to other meetings in the Netherlands. Auf Wiedersehen Deutschland!
MEDICA -show day 008

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