Could your facilities man use a dual monitor system?

Wayne Hahn, Facilities & Safety Coordinator @ Ergotron
WayneI, being a competitive person, always have wanted to be first. History has borne out my success in achieving this. Championship teams, Dilly Bar Tuesdays, you name it.

Being the last is not something I really aspire to.  It really is kind of being first, only opposite.  Think about it.  So when I was told I am last one at Ergotron headquarters without a dual monitor, I was a little stunned.

I install all these workstations. How did I miss my own? 

Now listen, please don’t tell my CEO Joel.  I know what a tremendous advocate he is of the dual monitor and for good reason.  I have heard the numbers regarding increased productivity and I have talked to all of you who have two monitors.  Everyone without exception has told me they would not go back to just a single monitor. 

I also know of course of the tremendous array of products we have to mount a dual monitor system.  I know Ergotron would have a system that would be just what I need for my limited amount of work space at my desk.  Anyone who has ventured into the abyss that I call my office knows the need I have for more organized space.

But hey, I don’t have time to be doing all that organizing and straightening in my office.  I’m trying to keep the plant running and make sure everyone has the equipment they need to be organized and efficient. I’m a maintenance man!
Still, when I think about it, I am first in a way. 

I’m making all this productivity possible for the team at Ergotron. By setting up their workstations, I make it easier for them to bring the products to market that will help ensure all of you have access to ergonomically correct workstations. These days everyone is tasked, even me, to do more with less. Dual monitors might just be one way to do that.

So maybe even a maintenance man could use an ergonomic dual monitor system? 

Hmm. My new found efficiency and organization might even convince my manager that I had turned over a new leaf; that I was the employee they had always thought I could be!

This could be good. I better issue a track it order to myself.

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  1. Nancy G.

    Wayne, I truly enjoy our early morning chats when no one is in the office yet. Ever since you raised my desk so I could stand, I have been a much happier employee. It’s time for you to do something for yourself and Dare2Dual baby! And if you want, I could organize your desk as I am a bit of a clean freak 🙂


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