It’s a HIMSS Cart Round-up

Nancy Gregson, Sr. Channel Manager @ Ergotron

It’s been a full day, beginning with cabling as the main topic at breakfast. Soon, the wall mounts were hung, and empty boxes stacked to make way for the cables and zip ties. 


Once the video feed was live, the score from our new movie, StyleView®: B# at the Bedside, rang through Hall A (I could even hear it in the ladies room!).100_0906


Partners stopped by to get a sneak peak at Ergotron products heading to their booths the next morning.  


And as the evening on the HIMSS range descended, both Steves, Jorge and Nate corralled all the point-of-care carts back into the booth.


If only we had our Dare2Dual blue cowboy hats!  Giddyup!

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  1. Aldo

    I never buy and use Ergotron products. It looks quite fascinating. Thanks for the recommendation. I really appreciate it.


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