Cramped for space?

Michelle Judd, Global Communications Manager @ Ergotron

Michael Kwan has an interesting post, Stuffing a Home Office into Cramped Quarters, out on that you might be interested in reading. He covers the gamut from KVM Switches (Huh? Ah Keyboard, Video, Mouse switches, got it) to display desk stands, including our Neo™-Flex Combo Lift Stand

Among his good points about laptop considerations, he has this to say about the stand, “The base has 360-degree pan rotation as well, so you can show that funny YouTube video to your buddy with a quick spin of the base. Dramatic gopher would be proud.”

So, this begs the question, have you gone dual yet?

Cramped quarters or not, in Michael words, “They say once you go dual display, you really can’t go back.” As I happen to be one of the converts, I feel comfortable inviting you over to the “other side” of laptop computing. Come on, I dare ya!

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