How are we going to replace Harry?

Joel Hazzard, CEO Ergotron

In the spring of 2005 I was posed this question by our board of directors – How are we going to Replace Harry (our late founder)?  My answer was simple but caught them off guard, because they were not expecting such a simple answer to an almost impossible goal.  I said we are never going to replace Harry, we just need to think and act like Harry, we need to carry on the very proud tradition of being a true innovator of products that simply make the lives of computer users and display users better.  We need to continue to innovate and continue to solve fundamental problems for the millions of computer and display users throughout the world.  


Today we call it enhancing the user’s experience, improving productivity and making Ergonomics affordable to the mass market.  Our Vice President of Marketing, Jane Payfer, perfectly sums up our overall commitment to this mission in one word “Wellness”. 


Creating a culture that thrives on innovation really starts with connecting with the customer at the product and use level, or seeing the Wellness first hand.  We encourage our team to go out in the world and install products and come back and give the company the feedback.  A simple concept?  Yes, but a concept that works very well.  I personally install products all the time and I encourage the Ergotron Team to do the same. We get tremendous feedback when we are engaged with our customers from 3 feet away versus 30,000 feet away because we learn exactly what our customers need versus thinking we know what they need.  This level of interaction allows us to walk into a room and not just see a Computer or a TV or a Display, it allows us to see the room, and gives us ideas on how to make better products that work in today’s environments – again, creating Wellness.


I’m extremely proud of the team at Ergotron, their passion and commitment to making Ergonomics affordable to the mass market, creating wellness, and bringing productivity and efficiency to millions of users every year.  Their strong commitment and focus on innovation allows us to turn a Notebook from a poor stand alone ergonomic computing platform into a wonderful ergonomic computing experience (check out our recently launched Neo-Flex WorkBase product).


Our marketing team came up with the concept of creating a blog to share our customer install experiences and called it “Thinking Like Harry” and my reaction – Perfect, just perfect.  I thought that this was a terrific way to share our culture and experience with those that are interested in our company, our products and our focus – Your Wellness.


I hope you will take the time to read through some of the install experiences shared by our team and let us know what you think.  Ergotron will continue to carry our late founder’s passion for innovation, we will continue to Think like Harry!


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